Part 3 – From Sketch to International Distribution .. in 5 months!

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Manufacturing prototypes sounds such a simple process and to me … it is… but then I’m not making them! I had no idea what exactly was involved in making The Pen Rest and frankly that was really not my worry as long as I could get my hands on the actual prototypes I would be able to get photographs and launch my crowd funding project on Kickstarter and Indiego.

The cost of prototypes is way more expensive per unit than the volume manufacturing price I previously received from the manufacturer… so here was another added expense.

I was certain that I wanted an Apple like finish and wanted the Pen Rest prototypes manufacturing quickly, so I agreed to the prototype order, parted with my money and waited with bated breath!

Two weeks later I received the prototypes. Amazingly they looked exactly like the photorealistic images… and the finish.. actually superb!

One of the items I bought off Kickstarter not so long ago was a product called a Foldio. This is a portable fold up photo booth with lights and backdrop.

I spent the next few days taking images… but something was missing.

If you have read my book on “How to Create Royalties” then you will know that sometimes you need to contact the obvious people to get help.

I contacted a well know established retail chains head office that sold pens. I called and established who the buyer was and contacted Louise.

I received an email back from Louise very interested in the product. I called her and after a chat we agreed that I could go into the local Manchester store, set up my folio and camera and take loads of photos of different types of pens on The Pen Rest.

The results were superb!

So now that I had loads of great photos it was time to upload them to the crowd funding platforms and await approval.

And approval was swift, so I launched the project on both Indiego and Kickstarter ensuring that I began spreading the word through many many channels.

Find out what happened when I launched the social media and PR in Part 4.

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