Are you really Head and Shoulders above the competition….

I know you know who you are…. but why oh why do I still visit websites that talk about themselves so much!

Look if you want to stand out in the crowd you’re going to have to try harder than this.

The crazy thing is that I rarely, if ever come across a site that says they’re a bad company.. now wouldn’t that be refreshing!

So what do you have to do to stand out above the rest?

Well you need credibility and that’s for starters…

1. Have you got Testimonials on your site? Do you really believe that anyone will buy your products, services or advice if you have nothing for them to reference by… here you need to get the customers you have to tell others in the form of testimonials what they bought, why and how it helped them. The quality of service and support.

2. Do you have genuine qualifications, degrees, specialist qualifications using specific equipment? Ok so are they on your site? They don’t need to be in your face but add them to the site and perhaps small icons at the bottom of your pages to add that additional credibility.

3. Have you got inbound links to the website? Go to Google right now and type to see who links to you. Are you happy that what they say about you adds credibility to your business? If not then drop them a line and ask them to amend the listing where you can.

4. What key words are used in those Inbound links? Looking at those Inbound links to your site, what keywords are being used in the actual links? The reputation of your site is determined by the links to it… but do those links go to the correct page and do they match the topic of the page on your site.

I could go on… but price is not a form of Credibility and whilst some will buy on price not everyone likes or feels comfortable with a dodgy salesman!

So look at your site with new eyes. Do you have Credibility or are you just one of the crowd?

Clicks and Mortar… they are the foundations of Good Profitable Internet Marketing

So you set up the website, it looks great and you start a marketing campaign and then… Wham! It hits you that the phone is not ringing as much as you want, you’re not getting enough orders, it must be everyone else’s fault.

So let’s recap what happens here. The new internet business seems all sound, you’ve had a high speed broadband put in, the site is on a great server and it looks modern and cool. So why is no one calling? You even had a freephone number installed for good measure!

Hmm… you check your listings in Google and Yahoo, you’re not just on the first page, you’re in 1st natural position and you have Adwords running too.

There has to be something wrong… what did you miss?

Well after 15 years in the business I’ve learnt that the owner of a business knows what he sells, but rarely does he know what his customer is looking for.

Take the guy that invents the wheel… we’ve all been there… a product that is brilliant, unique, original and most importantly solves a problem.

Then take the prospect…. all they want is to solve a problem.

So how does the guy that invented the wheel get a customer? He places his product in like minded ares of the prospects vision.

We call this Keyword Analysis.

You have to know what your prospect is looking for in order to get that illusive sale. Crack that and Bingo! You’ve got Sales!


Google Instant search and all the fuss….

Before Google Instant you would just do a search in Google, press search and back came results…. so what could possibly have changed?

Well although not entirely new Google Instant allows you to see the results as you type your search query. This saves you time and also helps you narrow the search faster. Google reckons this will save you as much as 2-5 seconds per search.

So should you be concerned? … eeerrr yes.

If you are trying to get to the top of the search engines with broad terms then you are likely to miss out as the user refines their search. They want the best result to match their search requirements and will be refining them quickly missing more broad terms as they go.