Navigation Menus – Where’s the best place for them?

Often when trawling the internet I wonder why website owners choose to place menu and navigation items where they do.

I mean lets face it they could place them on the left, right, top bottom or even in the middle of the page… so what makes the website developer place them where he does?

It may seem uninteresting but as most people read left to right it stands to reason that the most important thing you want to say should be in the top left of the screen, so why oh why do site owners place Home on the top left of a site when you arrive on the Home page?

At last though I came across a few well designed websites with examples of good navigation.

The first one of all places is the website.

They’ve actually got it! They actually lead you through the site and make the important bits sit in the right place.. take a look…. and that’s not all take a look at their priority is not the Home page either… they too have it right.

Gosh even have it right.. take a look they believe that most of their customers just want to check their bill.

When you design a new site ask yourself what you really want your customer to click on in the top left hand corner of the page, the hottest spot of any site. Who knows maybe you’ll actually see an increase in sticky activity to the site.