Small Business Internet Marketing Relief

In the UK we are currently in the grip of not one but two full blown bank holiday weekends. People are warmed by beautiful, sunny, warm summer days in Spring.

Everyone feels good, bar-b-ques, boats, sea sides and country walks all over the British isles, traffic on the internet understandably slow.

Last weekend we visited lovely country villages and browsed through quaint shops and streets. There were people walking about with small fancy purchases, small gifts, lovely items for the home and friends.

As you walked from one shop to the next you noticed how relaxed and happy everyone was. Money freely being spent because the mood and atmosphere had been set. There were loads of tea shops, cake shops, pubs, restaurants and other food establishments which found themselves busier than usual.

Of course the world then came to a halt as William married Kate with all the pageantry that the British can muster and are so good at.

The press reported that there were 1 million people on the streets of London watching the procession and over 5000 street parties around the country.

So what does this have to do with internet marketing?

Well lets consider a graph and see these two weeks as spikes on the footfall going into local businesses.

As I said, last weekend I visited many small shops during that first bank holiday weekend. Not one of them asked for my email address. Not one of them offered their website address to me and not one said … “please .. take this voucher and buy from me online”.

Local and small businesses have got to wake up to the reality that they can smooth that line. They had so many opportunities to keep in touch with me.

They could send me a special voucher to return to that coffee shop for a free cake, they could email me about special hand made crafts, gifts for brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts…. the list goes on.

I heard over these two weeks business owners complaining that trade had been killed by the two bank holidays and yet I heard employees welcoming the wonderful additional break that the country enjoyed.

There is always an opportunity to market your business, wholesalers could have set up stall in markets, could have done promotional deals, taken part in joint ventures, the list goes on.

Right now the country is feeling good…. let’s hope it continues, but remember you need to be prepared to help yourselves too.