How to breath sales back into your products and services

With literally hundreds of clients I often hear that “Sales could be better”.

My answer… “”What are you doing about it?”

Look, there is no point in you complaining that business is bad and you have a lack of sales if you are really not making an effort to stimulate sales and breathing life back into old products and services. There is some value to someone somewhere. But how do you bring those sales in? What makes the difference?

Well, let’s start at the beginning of the entire process…… I mean way back to the very beginning.

The idea, the concept, the sourcing of materials and the entire creation began way before you put it on sale. No matter what your selling, you need to enthuse to those around you as the salesman did when you first made the decision to offer the product or service.

Your customers need to feel that enthusiasm you have…. let me take an example.

Let’s say that you sell a product or a even an old established service. whatever.

A problem existed or a perhaps a process is more complex than it needs to be.

What we tend to do as individuals is talk about the issues that we face and wish to find better solutions for; so start that one to one discussion with your customers. Go back to the start discuss the issues that faced you or your customers.

Do this in a short email to your contacts, prospects, customers, etc.

Then follow up a week later with a new email but this time talk about the solutions that have been found… again on that one to one basis, ideally as personalised as possible. No selling.

Keep it simple, fairly short and above all keep the conversation going. It’s that type of conversation that you would have over the dinner table or when out for a drink with a close friend. Literally type as you would speak if you were face to face with a friend.

Now you need to send email number three… So this next email talks about what you believe will solve the problem or what offers a better solution to what you currently do now. Talk about the solution that you’ve found, recommend and why.

All that is left a week later would be to tell them where you found the best offer.

You see … building up a relationship and talking about an old product or service is actually quite easy really.

So why not start going through your products and services and start at the beginning too. Who knows… your sales might increase!

Oh…. and next month do the same again … choose something else to talk about.