Where do you get your business from?

Years ago I read an interesting book, (sorry can’t remember the american authors name), about the art of selling. In it he suggested that people buy off people that they know, people they trust, people that have done business with them and further suggested that phycology plays a significant part in the selling process.

Now, i’m no phycologist but I can tell you there is a bond between two businesses. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

The problem until relatively recently was that building that relationship took meetings, a handshake and a face to face contact, but not now. Everyone’s too busy and with little time on there hands.

I am a strong advocate of face to face meetings and I know my friend and Linkedin expert Will Kintish is too… but all too often business owners show little or no regard to the lifetime value that will ensue when a relationship is made.

Now a days everything moves so fast, we are impatient as a society that demands a response quickly to our questions.

Online marketing can build that relationship if the mind is put to it.

Let me explain…

So many people tell me that they get unwanted calls, direct mail and emails that it drives them mad. No one really wants to be sold to, and even less by a cold caller…. only today my house phone rang and the woman on the end of the phone quickly said “Don’t hang up! I’m not selling anything… Would you be interested in a free hearing test for anyone in the family!” Now I ask you… would you she really be offering free hearing tests if the end result were not to make money?

So setting the relationship up correctly can and does bare fruitful rewards.

I email my customers with regularity and I call them and arrange face to face meetings. I’m not chasing that next piece of work. I let my building of the relationship do the selling for me.

Try giving of yourself from time to time, give freely and without condition. You may just be rewarded more than you think.

So your first in Google but does that get you the sale?

I’m a great advocate of good practice in Internet marketing… You do all the SEO, Adwords, social media, etc but oh do I get mad when website owners miss the most important factor over and above everything! The Customer!

Oh do I get mad! You see all very well getting the traffic but listening to what your customer has to say surely must rank close to one of the most important Internet marketing techniques in your arsenal.

I mean after all they have the power to make the choice.

One thing that I do weekly is run constant tests. I’ve been doing it for years testing discounts, layouts, prices, etc and all with the help of my customers.

Building relationships and loyalty brings many rewards and whilst getting to number 1 in Google is wonderful it is by no means everything.

Perhaps step back and take a fresh look and engage with your customers… You might learn something new.