Bird seeds and social media marketing? What’s the connection?

You buy the bird feeder and the bird seed and place strategically in the garden, but how does a bird know to come into your garden? How does it know the bird seed is even there?

Now compare this to social media marketing.

You set up the Facebook page, the LinkedIn page and even Twitter… how do people see what you post?

Placing quality seeds strategically is the key.

If all you do is shout “I’m here! Come and look at me!” you’ll not attract the birds… in fact the noise does the exact opposite. It is the action of saying “Gosh these seeds are good” and telling those you know, that spread the word.

So when you have something really useful, compelling and interesting to say … that’s fine… just say it. Your friends, colleagues and those that you talk to you will not only listen, but more importantly tell each other. Comment on the quality, mention a new product and the benefits, talk about something controversial, topical, your plans and ideas.

Remember, someone is listening.