Part 7 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 months!



Oh yes… the boxes arrived!

Totally covered in static bits of polystyrene!

I was furious! The packing of the boxes was so poor! I would have to hoover 1000 boxes before they could be assembled.

The small boxes however were fine.

I contacted May in China and complained … to be fair when I explained the issue she apologised and admitted it was their fault… and went on to tell me that the person that did the packing had been fired!

Talking of fire… I complained too that bits of the polystyrene was sticking to the glue on the tape that held the boxes together when assembling them…

This is what May suggested…

May : and I have an idea
David: ok?
May: maybe we use a fire, quickly pass by the box edges which has polystyrene bits, then the polystyrene may disapear, you know the polystyrene will melt when the temperature is high

David: Are you serious!

Anyway the boxes are are coming along slowly… The biggest issue actually is that I had no idea how time consuming it was to assemble 1000 boxes and of course this is before I start packing the orders and shipping out.

The blocks have not yet arrived and I was assured the tops will be with me a week later.

Until next time… Catch up in Part 8 and see how I get on.