Part 14 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!


So the samples went out to the distributors as I said.

The UK distributor placed his first order, except that I couldn’t send it because I the black tops had still not arrived.

The dutch guy Bart received the samples and wrote back … “Sorry I won’t be selling them because my clients think no one will buy them and they should be given away free to the shop owners”.

The German guy Stephan… well he’s not received them yet. The German Post Office are on strike and the samples are stuck in some remote place under a pile of several million other parcels… so he’s not yet ready to place an order.

The extra pieces I am waiting for along with the black tops (I hope they are black) which should have been sent as promised multiple times from China two days ago … are still in China. Why? Well Zed.. my Chinese contact forgot that the country would be shutting down for three days! It was the annual Dragon Festival. He only just realised. … yeah right!

Meanwhile backers from Kickstarter continue to send in wonderful testimonials … take a look here at and I even received a first order for additional blocks via the website using the special voucher enclosed in the boxes.

So until I receive the remainder of stock … and all is well I can’t send out the distributors orders, finish the corporate clients order and not ready to market the new colour black.

Stay with me to find out what happens next in Part 15 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!