Overseas Call Centres

I know that they are a necessary business requirement for really large companies that need phone support for huge number of customers, but boy do they make you mad!

I have an ecommerce website called Piel Frama Cases found here at www.pielframacases.co.uk which currently uses PayPal.

I decided that I would add Amazon payments to the site, so completed their application forms and waited.

After a week I needed to call to Amazon about the application.

The problem was that the Pilipino girl kept asking me for the last 4 digits of my credit card.

I had not entered any card details, the current screen said there was an issue that needed resolving and the girl just would not listen to me. Instead she just kept saying she needed the last 4 digits of the card!

No wonder people struggle to get things done when individuals just don’t step off their robotic platform and think outside the box.

I have no idea when or if my issue will be resolved.