Where do you get your business from?

Years ago I read an interesting book, (sorry can’t remember the american authors name), about the art of selling. In it he suggested that people buy off people that they know, people they trust, people that have done business with them and further suggested that phycology plays a significant part in the selling process.

Now, i’m no phycologist but I can tell you there is a bond between two businesses. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

The problem until relatively recently was that building that relationship took meetings, a handshake and a face to face contact, but not now. Everyone’s too busy and with little time on there hands.

I am a strong advocate of face to face meetings and I know my friend and Linkedin expert Will Kintish is too… but all too often business owners show little or no regard to the lifetime value that will ensue when a relationship is made.

Now a days everything moves so fast, we are impatient as a society that demands a response quickly to our questions.

Online marketing can build that relationship if the mind is put to it.

Let me explain…

So many people tell me that they get unwanted calls, direct mail and emails that it drives them mad. No one really wants to be sold to, and even less by a cold caller…. only today my house phone rang and the woman on the end of the phone quickly said “Don’t hang up! I’m not selling anything… Would you be interested in a free hearing test for anyone in the family!” Now I ask you… would you she really be offering free hearing tests if the end result were not to make money?

So setting the relationship up correctly can and does bare fruitful rewards.

I email my customers with regularity and I call them and arrange face to face meetings. I’m not chasing that next piece of work. I let my building of the relationship do the selling for me.

Try giving of yourself from time to time, give freely and without condition. You may just be rewarded more than you think.

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When is a deal really a deal?

I’ve just been running a very interesting promotion with a client and business that I am involved in.

But before I go into the nitty gritty of the promotion think about this… What actually turns you into a buyer when you didn’t want something in the first place.

I’ll give you an example, you sit down at a dining table and the waiter says “Would you like a bottle of wine with your meal?”

Would that make you buy?

What about if the waiter says “Would you like a bottle of wine with your meal, it’s on the house?”

Ah… Now we get down to the crux. You didn’t want wine when you had to pay… But now that it’s free suddenly you’ll have it.

To many marketeers this is not new in fact it’s a well tested and a proven technique known in the trade as moving the free line.

Let’s take another look at our waiter with the bottle of wine.

Suppose the meal is £25 for three courses… The bottle of wine is £15. Taking the meal is fine but the wine really hikes the price.

What if the meal was £40 and included the wine? Still too high?

Hmm… So the problem here appears to be the perception of the total meal and wine and price.

So what happens in the buyers mind when the meal is £25 and includes the wine.

At this point the buyer breaks down the purchase and concludes that whatever the price of the wine it would appear to be reasonably good value.

So is lowering the price of your goods the right tactic and will it bring more sales? More than likely you may get the odd sale but it is only when it is a bundle in a limited time frame that the sales pour in.

So when is a deal a deal? how do you know if something is a deal or not? Well most of us compare prices to determine a fair price for something. if you see product A in two different shops you conclude that the cheaper one is better value.

However you can change the buyers perception quite easily. You do this my offering longer money back guarantees. Free gift wrap, next day delivery, free delivery, buy one get one free, or deals that include vouchers against your next purchase.

Price is not everything. It helps, but is not the bottom line.

I once ran a promotion for a pond pump where we could not compete because we were always under cut. However when I added a free pair of pond waders and raised the price by the cost of the waders rather than their RRP sale price, the pond pump flew out the door.

In the promotion I just ran recently this was actually what happened here. The value of the service and products combined in the offer was quite substantial when bought individually, but by offering a large package to cover the cost of most and profitability of another the deal was seen as just that … A good deal.

So if you’re selling on the net and struggling, think again….. Could you sell that item at the RRP plus add on the COST price of some other item(s) so that this becomes a Great Deal? I bet you could!

Clicks and Mortar… they are the foundations of Good Profitable Internet Marketing

So you set up the website, it looks great and you start a marketing campaign and then… Wham! It hits you that the phone is not ringing as much as you want, you’re not getting enough orders, it must be everyone else’s fault.

So let’s recap what happens here. The new internet business seems all sound, you’ve had a high speed broadband put in, the site is on a great server and it looks modern and cool. So why is no one calling? You even had a freephone number installed for good measure!

Hmm… you check your listings in Google and Yahoo, you’re not just on the first page, you’re in 1st natural position and you have Adwords running too.

There has to be something wrong… what did you miss?

Well after 15 years in the business I’ve learnt that the owner of a business knows what he sells, but rarely does he know what his customer is looking for.

Take the guy that invents the wheel… we’ve all been there… a product that is brilliant, unique, original and most importantly solves a problem.

Then take the prospect…. all they want is to solve a problem.

So how does the guy that invented the wheel get a customer? He places his product in like minded ares of the prospects vision.

We call this Keyword Analysis.

You have to know what your prospect is looking for in order to get that illusive sale. Crack that and Bingo! You’ve got Sales!


Google Instant search and all the fuss….

Before Google Instant you would just do a search in Google, press search and back came results…. so what could possibly have changed?

Well although not entirely new Google Instant allows you to see the results as you type your search query. This saves you time and also helps you narrow the search faster. Google reckons this will save you as much as 2-5 seconds per search.

So should you be concerned? … eeerrr yes.

If you are trying to get to the top of the search engines with broad terms then you are likely to miss out as the user refines their search. They want the best result to match their search requirements and will be refining them quickly missing more broad terms as they go.