Clicks and Mortar… they are the foundations of Good Profitable Internet Marketing

So you set up the website, it looks great and you start a marketing campaign and then… Wham! It hits you that the phone is not ringing as much as you want, you’re not getting enough orders, it must be everyone else’s fault.

So let’s recap what happens here. The new internet business seems all sound, you’ve had a high speed broadband put in, the site is on a great server and it looks modern and cool. So why is no one calling? You even had a freephone number installed for good measure!

Hmm… you check your listings in Google and Yahoo, you’re not just on the first page, you’re in 1st natural position and you have Adwords running too.

There has to be something wrong… what did you miss?

Well after 15 years in the business I’ve learnt that the owner of a business knows what he sells, but rarely does he know what his customer is looking for.

Take the guy that invents the wheel… we’ve all been there… a product that is brilliant, unique, original and most importantly solves a problem.

Then take the prospect…. all they want is to solve a problem.

So how does the guy that invented the wheel get a customer? He places his product in like minded ares of the prospects vision.

We call this Keyword Analysis.

You have to know what your prospect is looking for in order to get that illusive sale. Crack that and Bingo! You’ve got Sales!


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