I’m pleased my accountant doesn’t have a website!

Yes you read it correctly…

You see when you walk into my accountants its like going back into a time warp…. there are files everywhere, the office is very quiet, high ceilings, old fashioned lighting and chairs that give away their age.

Then as you look around the building there is just one company computer screen for the odd email.

Oh, don’t get me wrong they have phones, (not mobiles), they have fax and of course the good old letter box on the front door.

Are they any good? You bet… thank goodness they have a select client base.

They themselves admit that they are old fashioned, but confess that they also hate to be distracted by email and the pressure to answer them immediately.

So where lies the balance between having a website, dealing with clients emails and the other extreme of having nothing at all.

Well in 2012 you have to be living in a cave or time warp not to be connected in some way with the internet, but let’s face it keeping your website fresh and up to date and responding to countless emails is only a part of the picture and they are time stealers.

The website has to work for you not the other way round. Your emails should be a blessing not a curse and making yourself available should never be at any cost, time or indeed in preference to your core business.

Take some of the huge websites like Scottish Power. I recently visited the website and had a question. I was looking for a phone number but instead there was a virtual assistant. I typed in what I was looking for and it offered suggestions, indeed it even suggested other ideas and advise.

I found what I was looking for and saved myself the call and an email.

Now back to my accountant… well he could have a website and it could contain the latest tax advice, guidelines, dates for returns, telephone numbers for advice and much more.

Does he need email? It’s his decision to not be swamped by email so if I really need to get something to him I can send to a corporate address where I know it will be past on, but I can always call him if I need him. He’s always available to his clients.

So am I pleased that my accountant doesn’t have a website nor direct access to his personal email? Sure if he does the job as well as he does and always has time for me on his terms and we’re both happy then what’s the problem…. after all I’m not recommending him to you, as I’m quite happy for him to be available to me all the time.

So yes, I’m pleased that they have no website.

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