One day deals… So whats the catch?

Funny us humans the more you are told you can’t have something the more you want it. The more exclusive the more desirable.

And so it is in this world we live in, exclusive, precious, short supply and limited availability cause us often to behave in what we describe as irrational behaviour.

Look at the Olympics well over subscribed, but the 100 metre final where that limited number of seats created such demand amply demonstrated obsessive behaviour by individuals that most likely never watch athletics.

An offer in your emails to your subscribers or on your website demand more than a good deal. Think about this, if you can get a deal on a new product with 50% off at anytime for the next 10 years is it. Deal? Don’t think so.

But create a timed window where the primary deal is only available for a short period and you create a demand.

But what is the true effect of the one day deal? Does it bring Brand loyalty to the table? Maybe. What about new customers and long term at that?

So whats the point? Why give away a wacking great big discount when that buyer may not stay loyal?

Basically you should consider the one day deal as nothing more than an acquisition cost. You likely won’t make any money on the deal, but left with no prospects coming to try your wares you will be unlikely to increase your customer base.

So is a one day deal any good for your business? Why not? Seems to me you can’t lose.

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