Part 10 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!


All the stock that I was to need, was pretty much assembled ready for picking by now, so by the Thursday morning, two days after the blocks arrived I was ready to assemble the orders from the Crowd Funding on Kickstarter.

There is nothing worse than telling someone that you have posted something only to find that it has not yet shipped. So I decided that I would ship all the orders first before I would tell anyone.

I had previously ordered postal boxes of varying sizes and had document pouches too for the outsides of the boxes.

I had prepared in advance the mail merge for all the orders too so that the address labels were all printed up with a nice letter. Assembly meant picking each order, checking it and then sealing it.

It took 2 days! Two days to get all the orders to the post office.

On one such occasion faced with a massive queue behind the local two person counter of the post office, I suggested that as I had more boxes to get from my car, perhaps the nice lady behind the counter would like to serve the other customers whilst I got more boxes. She said that was fine.

When I return loaded up with boxes, I started to receive a lot of verbal abuse in particular from a guy broader than a combine harvester and taller than double decker bus covered in tattoos, wearing shorts and waiting to collect his giro!

It was easier to apologise as the assistant behind the counter decided that she would wait until I returned rather than me have to go to the back of the queue! 🙁

Anyway after three visits to the post office over two days all the orders to the backers of Kickstarter were dispatched.

Some of the orders were so heavy that a friend obliged and sent them via his courier account.

Next I contacted the UK distributor … you have to pick up the phone… to build the relationship and ensure that your new marketing channel is as comfortable with you as you are with him. He said he would confirm over the weekend his complete order and transfer money.

Next I needed to address the matter of stock. As I said the boxes all arrived with no indication as to what was in them let alone any quantities. So having packed and shipped a large amount of stock I was able to easily stock take.

Find out how I get on with the count in Part 11 of From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!

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