Part 11 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!

I knew exactly what I had ordered. I even had the quotation from China, but when I finally got round to count the stock I found that despite them telling me that they gave me a few extras… they did but of one colour!

Anyway my contact in China, his name is ‘Zed’ by the way…(‘Don’ left!) … told me he had more stock to send me. Nice to know.

We discussed the issue with the bluey black tops that needed to be remade. He promised me that he would ship them… express .. about 12 days from now..

Then there was the matter of the blocks which arrived dented and damaged… now what really gets me here is that they are sent damaged stock knowing that I would see them. Nevertheless we negotiated as Zed told me he was under terrible pressure .. his boss was very cross with him over this order… (Why oh why I felt guilty I have no idea!)

Anyway I agreed to order more tops at a very reduced price to compensate for damages and this seemed to sort the problem.

Meanwhile I now received my first order from my UK distributor… except that I was short of Gold Tops and the Black ones were being redone!

So I assembled in a large box, what I could of this sizeable order he had just placed and decided to just ring him and tell him the truth that his stock would be delayed.. to which he said he was fine.

I just hope those tops are black!

I then contacted my two contacts in Germany and Netherlands to advise that I was sticking samples in the post and that I would send an invoice across.

The invoice I raised needed to be credited and re raised without VAT as both the agents pointed out that no VAT should be charged as long as their VAT number appeared on the invoice.

Today I also contacted May .. my Chinese contact who made the boxes covered in polystyrene bits!

I have decided to investigate Plan B… to get delivered assembled boxes … no way do I want to assemble the boxes myself.. never again!

In talking to May I was struggling …. How difficult is it for someone to understand that you were not happy about the first order of boxes sent! Despite me telling her that I spent hours cleaning them and many were damaged and unusable… she said “How about when you place your next order we’ll send you an extra 20 boxes … free!”

Find out what happens next in Part 12 – From Sketch to International Distribution .. in 5 Months!

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