Part 15 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!

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I hope you’re still following this journey with me? By all means drop me a line with your thoughts so far to or post comments here on this page.

To be clear this is still a marketing exercise and I would love to get your take on events this far. What did I do right and what did I do wrong in your opinion. How would you have approached this differently?

The stats on the numbers reading my articles are impressive too showing that the articles have been read hundreds of times so far.

So let’s continue where we left off…

So the Dragon Festival was over and Zed .. the manufacturer of the tops sent me pictures to approve.. it was impossible to tell, with the lighting in the images, if they match the sample block or any of the black blocks that I have here.

Despite promising time and again the remainder of the stock would be shipped it was not until 3 days later than originally promised, that there was any movement at all.


You’ll have to wait and see what actually arrives!

As for the boxes May is still promising 50 free boxes to compensate for all the cleaning and damaged goods… As I have still not agreed to this she asks if I will speak with her manager Irene.

Irene was pleasant enough but sadly still played the “we’ve not made much on the order” card and “Will you be placing any future orders with us?”

My response was simple I don’t think it is relevant what future orders I may or may not place. If goods are faulty then you either agree a refund or you offer a credit. I told her that I was happy to receive a credit against a future order…. she needs to apply for that from her boss!

I contacted Stephan in Germany to see if he had received the samples yet.. sadly not … Not only were the German Post Office on strike so the samples were under a mountain of other parcels… sadly his Father died! … oh and his assistant sent money for the samples in Euros rather than pounds in error!

So at this point I had hit a number of hurdles and challenges to get over..

  1. To get samples to Stephan as soon as possible
  2. I needed the black tops to complete the UK distributors order and the corporate order
  3. I could not start another crowd funding project without the black tops

Find out what happens next in Part 16 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!

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