Part 16 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!

So when exactly do you know you have a winning product? Is there such a thing when tackling a niche market?

One persons view is not a great representation of the many .. and even during the last elections the greatest pollsters out there got it wrong.

One of the things I’ve learnt along this journey and marketing exercise is that you have to excite people to want the product .. you need to help them feel it, touch it and make it so desirable that irrespective of what they initially think of a product suddenly they want a part of it.

A good salesman listens to the needs of the buyer looking for angles to present a solution from a different perspective. It gives them the edge.

So it was with The Pen Rest … there was no demand or desire initially to want or desire this product. It was in fact at concept stage as you would hear Duncan Ballentine on Dragons Den say “I can’t see a need to place your pen on a piece of metal … I’m out!”

The consumer is like a sponge. They love to be sold to and the success of any product or service is often governed by building up that desire.

So when you look at some of the marketing channels that I mentioned in Part 13 and ask yourselves Does this Channel somehow make the product desirable you can ultimately come to the same conclusions as my results showed that by saying “Hey look at my product!… you might be interested” It’s a bit like 100,000 people at a ball game all shouting instructions to a player.. nothing gets through and the player just switches off.

If when promoting on Facebook, discussions breakout and products become desirable through popularity, excitement, perception, etc then you ultimately get desire.

It was during this entire marketing exercise that I could see this and adjusted my strategy accordingly and hey presto backers came along.

At this point I’m still waiting on the missing stock although I see it in transit.

In my next update .. Part 17 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months! find out if the missing stock arrives, if the tops match the blocks and if there are any further updates on the distributors.

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