Part 17 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 months!

I guess if you’ve been following my project you are no doubt wondering why it went all quiet and why the sudden vanishing with the daily posts?

Well actually for good reason and one which I’ll share with you.

You will remember that when the blocks arrived one third were meant to be left as black, such that I could then sell them on Kickstarter again.

The blocks that arrived were not black… more like a bluey black and worse still the tops didn’t match! Infact they were more of a definite blue.

Zed, my chinese contact agreed to resend the tops on receipt of one of the blocks. They arrived but were all pitted!

So they agreed to resend again. When they finally turned up they were a pretty good match to the blocks… but certainly you would struggle to call them black.

So here I was with loads of blue tops from the first batch and loads of bluey/black blocks and tops ready to launch a new Kickstarter.

I’ll come back to that in a moment…

Meanwhile Stephan in Germany the distributor that was waiting on the samples received them… he was not happy. In his opinion the Pen Rest required a sill cover to prevent expensive pens touching the metal surface .. and that was not all … he said that he felt they came apart too easily and this must all be addressed before he was willing to order them. In his words it was too risky!

Hmm.. so back to the dilemma of the remaining stock.

Selling off the remaining stock given that it was not going to be a simple “The Pen Rest – Now in Black” launch would be complicated.

So hence the delay in my last postings and the continuation of this ongoing marketing project.

So I decided that in order to market the blocks and matching tops I would call these Midnight Blue and the paler tops I would call Oxford Blue.

I created a simple video using iMovie and then put together all the testimonials I was receiving from the owners of The Pen Rest in my promotional text.

I then figured out what combinations would sell such as a silver block and Oxford Blue top and created the campaign to run on Kickstarter here

The phone rang on Friday evening … and whilst I was waiting for my wife to get off the phone so we could have dinner I decided to launch on Kickstarter.

Find out what happens once the project is launched in the next part of ‘From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!’

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