Part 18 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 months!

So I decided to start a New Kickstarter campaign for the Pen Rest and added the streamline now in Midnight & Oxford Blue.

The campaign can be seen here

collection stack

I set a relatively small funding goal of just £700 .. after all I had the stock.

I sent out a mailing to all past backers to say I had launched this new project and within 24 hours I had surpassed my goal by 140%.

Let me make it quite clear though that more than half of the backers are new.

Within a week I had backers amounting to £1800.

Interestingly whilst this was going on I had investigated about the felt that was needed for the sills. I had found a supplier not far from me here in the UK that had sent over samples.

I had two issues to address.

to give a soft protective surface for pens to rest on
to eliminate the small movement which was seen if the stack was moved between blocks and tops (This was required to allow a tolerance between the blocks and tops.)
My felt supplier, a nice guy named Stephen sent me various samples. The thick felt was perfect! It was adhesive backed and covered the sill beautifully retaining the sill contours as designed. I was very pleased with this solution.

I sent the manufacturers specification sheets to a specialist to ensure that the felts would not cause any issues to pens or their users.

Stephen also sent me a very fine felt that was so thin that I was able to apply a small strip in the cavity of the blocks and tops so that they locked in place when brought together.

I went back to Stephan in Germany. I told him that I had found a solution to the two issues he raised and he willingly allowed me to send him the felt pieces to apply to the samples I previously sent him. So I sent them in the post … he’ll get them within 5 days. Then we’ll see what he says.

I have now ordered the felt sill covers and the small non slip pieces that can be applied by the user if required.

So right now I watch and wait with bated breath as to the outcome of the Kickstarter campaign and for Stephans response to the felt pieces. Will he place an order and back the Pen Rest or not? If he does and it proves popular would I want to manufacture another 1000??

Find out what happens in the next part of From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!

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