Part 19 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!

Well Stephan contacted me, as a distributor in Germany and despite liking the product, he is not willing to sell the product to his customers. For him, it is just not the same quality as his other products that he sells. Disappointed.

The Kickstarter campaign had now reached the half way point with over £2500 pledged. The campaign by this point was more than 300% funded over the initial funding goal.

The next challenge was to provide felt for the sill covers. I had found a company based in Yorkshire that said they could provide a thick felt that would be the ultimate in luxury for the pens. They sent me samples that appeared to be quite good.

However when I agreed a cut sample to specific dimensions what they sent was compressed, not square and not even to the exact measurements that I requested.

They promised to send more samples so we’ll wait and see .. in the meantime i tracked down a company that sells adhesive backed velour in black. Nice product, a velvet feel but not as thick.

Despite requesting the new samples from Stephen the felt supplier, I was shocked when he emailed me to advise that there was now going to be significant tooling costs in order to ensure that all felt pieces were exactly the same.

Sadly this made felt a non starter.. I decided to go ahead with velour, and judging by the reaction of those that have seen the velour on the blocks, they prefer it.

So now having past the £2500 mark I decided to include velour with every order.

Find out what happens next when the second campaign on Kickstarter comes to an end in Part 20 – From Sketch to International Distribution – in 5 Months!

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