Part 9 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!


Now let me make it quite clear, I’m not trying to be a hero or superman here, but after working around 12 hours on the day the blocks arrived I was totally aching all over and exhausted.

Building up the box content was challenging and I appreciated the brief periods of help from family to friends.

I started early the following day. I was expecting the tops to arrive.

Around mid morning they arrived.

There were three boxes. Silver, Gold and Black tops.

I immediately checked the quality of the tops. The silver and gold were no problem… but the black top was a big problem.

The black tops are not black.. they are more like a blue black! That in itself would not be a problem but they don’t match the black blocks.

To be fair when I spoke to my contact in China and showed them photos they accepted responsibility immediately.

Problem here was that they said it would be too much to take them back … rather that they just remake them and asked that i use their account to send back a black block so that they could match the colour.

The black blocks were of two shades, but they clearly didn’t match the tops so this would mean delays. (The right hand swatch is the colour of the top).

So after sending the single block back the day was spent assembling the small top box, adding a small foil dot to the box to indicate the contents colour, wrapping each individual top in black tissue paper and placing in the box.

At this point it was impossible to count the stock delivered as everything was just thrown into boxes.

More on this in my next instalment – Part 10 – From Sketch to International Distribution … in 5 Months!

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